python personal active +

Microfamework for static web-site generations.

rexposome project
R package professional active +

Set of two R packages developed to analyze exposome data and its interaction with transcriptome and methylome data

web application professional active +

Shiny web application to explore the breadth of coverage per gene/exon obtained using WES technology in 1KGP

Chemical Explorer
web application professional active +

Shiny web application to explore the different exogenous and endogenous chemicals obtained in the framwork fo the AustismExposome pilot project

R package professional active +

MultiDataSet is designed for integrating multi omics data sets and ResultSet is a container for omics results

R package professional active +

R package to query the Comparative Toxicogenomics Database from R session and use its data for downstream or enrichment analysis

R package professional discontinued +

Set of tools to pre-process Affymetrix .CEL files from GenomeWide 5.0-6.0, Axiom and CytoScan HD/750L

Geek Christmas Cards
mix personal active +

Compendium of digital Christmas cards.

Linked Moments
mix personal discontinued +

Interactive art installation aiming to promote participants to share experiences and thoughts.

web application professional discontinued +

Microarray data processment based on clustering analysis and gene co-expression

C# personal discontinued +

Minimal expression of a compiler that translate "very simple language" to .net CIL code